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OK to Board – Visa Verification for Dubai, UAE

It is necessary to have OK to board message on your PNR ticket otherwise Airlines in Dubai, UAE will not allow to enter with Visa. Find their charges from Fly Dubai, Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet to others. So you have got your UAE visa and all set to leave for the trip, excited to hop into the plane and fly to this amazing emirate- Dubai, the land of tallest architecture and mystic sand.

Ok to Board for Dubai from Air India, Spicejet etc

But hold on! That’s not the end. There is one more formality before you are allowed to board the flight- the OK to Board pass. Many of us are not very aware of it and thus face last minute trouble. Without this pass even valid UAE visa holders will not be allowed to board any of the emirate flights.

What is OK to Board?

The Ok to board is a verification facility ensuring double checking of background of the travellers flying to UAE. It is an automatic process in association with the airlines which every passenger should update to without which, flying is barred.

Generally the pass is connected to the PNR or Passenger Name Record and is updated by the airline. Applications are rechecked and verified where the passenger is required to have a valid sponsored UAE visa. After proper verification, the OK to Board pass is automatically linked to the passenger details and is an electronic message printed on the ticket.

Why is it required?

Due to increase in fake visa issue, UAE government has made stringent rules on further visa verification. The OK to Board pass enables for double checking the background of the passenger, ruling out false identities through the stringent verification procedures. The double checking helps in authenticity, thereby decreasing the possibility of illegal trading, terrorism and other crime.

How does it Work?

Generally, after initial visa procurement, the original visa and air ticket is sent to the local airline office, where the OTB (OK to Board) is issued against the PNR of the passenger after rechecking the details of the applicant. It is updated on the passenger details profile and is generally issued before three days from the flight date. Passengers can check on their status by directly calling the airline office.

Process and Documents:

Almost all airlines require the OTB before flight boarding and is compulsory. Few airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Jet Airlines offer the service for free. Generally OTB registration is done initially via an application form which can be downloaded online. A processing fee is charged online and later after submission of application, the status of OTB can be checked with the respective airline. Charges vary with airlines. UAE e-visa, flight tickets and passport copies are required for the application to be processed smoothly.

Our services are valued for its quick hassle free method of processing the OTB. After visa verification, a visa copy and airlines tickets are sent to the respective airline office with no waste of time, enabling a hassle free travel for the passengers. Even if it is a last minute update for OTB, our brisk services will get the job done on time and without any harassment. Call for any further query. Our executives will guide you with the entire process of visa application and OTB.

Sr. No. Airlines Company Charges (in AED)
1 Jet Airways 15
2 Fly Dubai 40
3 Indigo 15 (Source)
4 Emirates 15
5 Air India Express 40
6 Oman Air 40
7 Spice Jet 40
8 Etihad 40
9 Air India 40

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