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UAE Visa Types and List

Going to some countries require a special type of Visa, depending on your trip purpose. It is the same thing if you want to go to UAE (United Arab Emirates). Decide what type of Visa you need and look after all the procedures and processes needed to obtain a UAE Visa.

People are able to choose between:

  • Employment Visa
  • Residence visa
  • Family visit Visa
  • Investor Visa (Also called partner’s visa)
  • Transit visa (Given to on arrival visitors)
  • Multi-entry Visa – Short Term (30 days)
  • Multi-entry Visa – Long Term (90 days)
  • Tourist Visa – Short Term (30 days)
  • Tourist Visa – Long Term (90 days)
  • Service Visa (14 days visa applicable in special cases)

Some rules and other factors may change some types of Visa, so before deciding to Go to UAE make sure that you’re allowed to obtain the type of Visa you need.

Some Visas types have different periods of staying: for example, the Tourist Visa can have a length of 14, 30 or 90 Days. There are also some types of Tourist Visa that allows you to enter and exit the UAE area multiple times. Make sure that you choose this one if you need to enter multiple times, otherwise you’ll not be allowed to do that.

Each Type of Visa that is available in UAE has different costs and different processes for obtaining. People who want to obtain any type of visa that is available in UAE need to provide specific documents.

There are also types of Visa that offer you the possibility to renew it. It is very useful in case that your plan didn’t work out and you must extend your stay. You won’t need to exit the UAE and to go to your country to obtain a new Visa.

An important thing that you should know before applying for a UAE Visa is that there are some sponsors that can apply for you and help you to get your Visa. Airlines companies, hotels or companies that run a tourism business, friends or relatives can be your sponsors. They could help you get your Visa easier.

It’s good to know that after you pay the Visa fee you won’t be able to obtain a refund if you decide that you don’t want to travel to UAE. Before applying and paying for it make sure that you’ll travel to UAE because you won’t receive the money back.

Most of the Visas have processing time of 3-4 days, but in some cases there might be a small delay, so you should expect to receive the Visa in about a week. Plan your vacation with a few weeks or months before the date you want to go to UAE because this way you’ll eliminate any problems that could make your Visa delay the trip.

When you calculate the average time of receiving your Visa you should know that they are trying to release it in 3-4 working day. This means that they don’t work on Friday, Saturday and they don’t work also on the Public Holidays.

For some nationalities the process for obtaining a Visa for UAE can require more documents and steps, and for some nationalities, there might not be available any type of Visa. Before trying to go to UAE make sure that everything’s legal and  all your papers are fine, otherwise you might have serious problems.

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