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Dubai Visa Requirements and Information

Dubai Visa requirements have changed in the last period of time, so we want to inform you about the latest updates and changes to make your travel comfortable, without any problems and difficulties.

For Filipinos, the process of obtaining a Dubai Visa it’s a must, because you won’t be able to enter Dubai without this document. To obtain a Dubai Visa you have to submit some documents to the UAE Embassy in Manila, Philippines. This is the first step.

The Visa requirements for Dubai for Philippines citizens include:

  • 2 correctly filled forms with personal information. In those forms you’ll be asked to provide information about your UAE sponsor and the Residence Address where you’ll live during your stay in Dubai.
  • The Philippine passport it’s also an important document that you must have, and you should make sure that it is valid at least 6 months from the date you want to go to UAE.
  • 2 photos with the same size with the one from your passport
  • Letter of invitation from your host that lives in UAE
  • You’ll need copies of your valid Philippine passport
  • Copies of your host’s address documents and copies of your host’s passport
  • You will also need to provide a cover letter that must include an introduction, the reason of your long staying in UAE and specific requests that are needed for your visa.

Those are the documents that you need for obtaining a Dubai Visa, but there are some special cases when you need to provide other documents. Also, the consul has the right to request additional documents when it’s necessary.

If you want to obtain details about the fees for the Dubai Visas you can contact the UAE Embassy in Manila, Philippines.

If you are applying with us and not with embassy then you don’t need to fill any forms. You just need to give your relative or friends information in Dubai who is inviting you. And we will do the needful by applying your visa. Visa fee you ca n pay online.

If you are coming to Dubai for tourism purpose and not staying more than 10 days. Then we can offer you visa without any documentation. You just need to book complete package with us. We will need only your passport copy for visa processing. If you have more queries then please check this faq section to know more.

The Visa requirements for Dubai for Indians are almost the same. You will need a passport that it’s valid at least 6 months, but there’s an important thing about the Indians that want to travel or to transit the UAE. If you have a dual nationality, you must contact your country Embassy for more detailed information about your travel to Dubai.

You will also need copies of your first and last pages from your passport and color photos with the same size with the one you have in your passport. It’s very important to provide high quality photos and copies (scans), otherwise you might have problems in obtaining tour Dubai Visa.

You should know that we don’t offer Work Visa or Employment Visa for Dubai, but you can easily obtain a Dubai visit visa, Tourist Visa for Dubai long term or short term, Multi-entry Visa, or evenservice visa.

We can help you with your documentation and with your orientation during your stay in Dubai, and all you have to do is to help us with your personal information and with your documents.

As soon as you send us your documents and you pay the fee, we will be able to obtain your Dubai Visa in 5 working days.

We accept payments using a debit / credit card, but you can also choose to pay using PayPal.  We also give option of bank transfer and western union money transfer. We are working with both of those two services and you can choose the one that it’s the easiest for you.

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