Apply Visit Visa for Dubai

14 days visa
Price: 250 AED
30 days visa
Price: 350 AED
90 days visa
Price: 900 AED
30 days Multiple Entry
Price: 900 AED
90 days multiple entry
Price: 2500 AED

The necessities for acquiring a Visit Visa for Dubai rely heavily on what type of nationality you have. Visa applicants who hail from the GCC member countries does not need visit a visa when going to Dubai. As of this time, a visit visa on arrival is the major requirement for many countries/nationalities that need to enter or visit Dubai.A Dubai resident visa holder can obtain visit visas for their relatives living abroad or sponsor their visit visa if their monthly income ranges not less than AED 4000.

The Dubai Visit Visa can also be applied by the sponsor through the help of an authorized airline, travel agency, and the hotel where they plan to book their accommodation with. The Dubai Visit Visa fee usually costs AED 185 (tourist visa). This can be applied upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport.A 14 day tourist visa can be acquired for AED 350, while a 30 day tourist visa is made available for AED 400.On the other hand, a 90 day visit visa usually costs around AED 1250. If you need to apply for a multiple entry visit visa, the cost is offered at AED 2500 (90 days visa). The prices mentioned are subject to change and it would be ideal if you check with the concerned airline or travel office for this important information.

Required documents for Dubai visit visa application:

  • Affirmed return air ticket (not mandatory before the visit visa application). It is more practical and convenient if you book your plane tickets with an authorized tourism company.
  • Scanned passport copy of main pages required for your visa in colored format.
  • Scanned residence page copy if any required in color format. Keep away from obscured or blurred photographs.
  • Once all the requirements are submitted, your Dubai visa will be sent to you on the email address you have listed in the application form.

For the immediate family members the legitimacy of their stay is classified as follows:

Transit or short term- the visitor is allowed to stay within 30 days.

Long term visit visa- the visitor is allowed to stay within 90 days.

Application for visa extensions is not possible now. As per new rules all tourist/visit visa’s are non-extendable.

The multiple entry visas are accessible for visa applicants who are sponsored by a company that oblige them to visit Dubai frequently. There are two types of multiple entry visa. 30 days multiple entry visa and 90 days multiple entry visa. Multiple entry visa allows visitor to enter and exit country unlimited number of times for 30 days or 90 days as per visa issues. Visa fee for 30 days multiple entry visa is AED 1000 and 90 days visa fee AED 2500.

For visitors who are going through the Dubai/UAE airports during transit, a unique travel visa is accessible through specific travel providers. The validity of the applied transport visa is 96 hours at a cost of AED 325.

The other Dubai Visit Visa entries and corresponding fees can be classified as follows:

Tourism visa can be used for medical treatment purpose, seminar and conference purpose. Any visit which is not employment related is fine under tourism visa.

Keep in mind that visa laws are subject to change much of the time, and hence it is strongly suggested that you check with the UAE Embassy in your nation of origin prior to making travel plans, booking for flight deals, and making reservations for hotel accommodations and package tours.