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90 days visit visa for Dubai


Dubai, the city of iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped island, extravagant malls, attracts many people for various reasons. Whether it be work, sight-seeing, holidays, or family-visit, you have got to choose the best visa according to your requirements. Knowing the Cheapest tourist visa Dubai offers is necessary to save yourself from any extra expenses which are uncalled-for and to ensure that you have enough time in Dubai to do what you came for. According to your time of stay and type of requirement, various categories of Dubai visa are offered. But if you are looking forward to a long stay, it is wise to choose 90 days-visit Visa for Dubai.

90 Days visit Visa for Dubai

If you intend to spend your holiday with your family, if you are expected to attend training, or if you need to take part in any activity which requires your presence for 90 days,  90 Days visit Visa for Dubai is just the right option to choose. It is the cheapest tourist visa Dubai offers for such requirements. This Visa also called Long-stay Visa, is the most sought-after Visa by those who want to buy a property or to set up their own business.  A multiple entry-exit variant is available for this visa which allows you to attend frequent business meetings or allows repeated less expensive Dubai visits throughout the Visa validity, allowing you to stay a total of 90 days from first entry.

Processing and Documentation

Processing requires only 3-7 days excluding Friday and Saturday, and the procedures require a documentation which includes;

  • passport
  • flight tickets
  • hotel bookings
  • refundable deposit
  • guarantee letter from the host
  • Relationship proof of a relative who resides in UAE.

Documentation requirements are quite flexible with the purpose of your visit. For instance, Visa for any official or business visit is granted without submitting a relationship proof. The Visa is offered on normal and priority basis.

On arrival 90-days visa

Nationals of following countries can visit Dubai without prior visa arrangements. On arrival at Dubai International airport, Abu Dhabi airport or any other airports, their passports will be stamped with a 90-days multiple entry visit visa for six months. With National IDs and passports, GCC nationals are granted entry upon arrival.

Argentina Czech Republic Greece Lithuania Portugal Sweden
Austria Denmark Hungary Luxembourg Romania Switzerland
Belgium Estonia Iceland Malta Seychelles  
Bulgaria Finland Italy Netherlands Slovakia  
Croatia France Latvia Norway Slovenia  
Cyprus Germany Liechtenstein Poland Spain  


This list can change from time to time, so it is wise to confirm details with your travel agency or airline.


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