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Emergency Visa to Dubai – Get it in 1 Day

Those who don’t have a Dubai tourist visa cannot plan a trip to this emirate. Now, you can get a Dubai tourist visa online within 24 hours, all you have to do is to apply for the Emergency Visa. A person can apply for several sorts of Visas depending on the number of days that he/she is staying in Dubai.

There have been changes in the process of getting a Dubai Visa and thus those applying for a tourist Visa could have some confusions. What you need is a detailed Dubai visa guide.

Apply Visit Visa for Dubai

Price: 400 AED

Price: 450 AED

Price: 650 AED

Price: 900 AED

Price: 1250 AED

Different sorts of Dubai Visa

Several factors can decide whether you get a Dubai Visa. They are the nature of your visit, length of stay, nationality, and more.

Dubai Emergency Visa: This is the Visa that people who would like a visa immediately prefer the most. They usually apply for this Visa for going on a business trip or holidaying in Dubai. This Visa is delivered to you within 1 day. The maximum time taken is 48 hours.

Dubai Regular Visa: This is a standard Visa that takes more time to process and one that you’re going to get under usual circumstances.

Dubai Emergency Visa

This Visa is for those who wish to go over to Dubai on very short notice and is of five types. They are tourist Visas of 14, 30, and 90 days and Multiple entry Visas of 30 and 90 days.

  • The 14-day Visa is effective for 14 days starting from the date of its issue.
  • The Visas of 30 and 90 days are effective for 58 days starting from the date of their issue.
  • All of the above Visas can be extended by 30 days by paying 570 Dirhams.

For how long is a Multiple-entry visa effective? For not more than 14 days for each visit for six months starting from the date of its issue.

Getting an Dubai visa online in few hours

Presently, getting a Dubai tourist visa online is very easy. The tourist visa is going to be emailed to you 24 hours from your application. However, you must choose a trustworthy company who have been in this business for over a decade.

We are amongst the top Dubai Visa Specialists offering visa services. Our prices are very reasonable and we ask for minimum documentation.

For getting an Dubai Visa you must pay extra and you must have a sensible reason. People of all countries except the Gulf countries need a visa for entering Dubai. There are some essentials that you on your part and that is it. Leave the rest of the things to us.

Documents that you must present for a Visa

  • A colour photocopy of your valid Passport’s first and last page. The passport has to be valid for no less than six months from the date of entering Dubai
  • A Color passport size photograph that has a white background
  • Confirmed return aeroplane ticket (this is needed for Ok to Board processing)
  • A photocopy Copy of the 1st, last, & visa pages of the passport of your guarantor

The steps for getting your Dubai Visa

  • Visit our portal and click on the Visa type
  • Submit the documents using email or Whatsapp and pay
  • Your e-visa will be emailed to you

Some key things to know

  • When you are visiting a friend or a family member you must present substantial proof of the association and the sponsor’s guarantee. If you are visiting your husband in Dubai, you must present evidence of marriage.
  • If you are going to on local visit or a vacation you must show valid reasons
  • A Multiple-entry visa is available for only foreigners who are associated with a business in Dubai that they must visit regularly.

We are here to assist you to get the tourist urgent visa for Dubai. Our customer service is available 24/7 for those who have a visa-related query or having a problem applying.

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