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Whether you are visiting for business, pleasure or as a tourist, the United Arab Emirates remains a top destination globally. Beyond its glitz and commerce, UAE houses some of the most memorable and historic places you could think of today. But despite all these, UAE government is continually working on ensuring prospective visitors have little or no stress getting their entry permits (or visa) into the country.

For prospective visitors, the Emirates issue permits and visas as single or multiple entry UAE visa depending on the need or the requirement of the users.  While a single entry visa will be used once, prompting the holders to reapply anytime they intend to return; the multiple entry UAE visas allow you to visit on several occasions.

For instance, you will need to reapply for a new entry permit after visiting Dubai, Abu Dubai or any other part of UAE with a transit or a single visit visa. So, many visitors ended up getting stranded and frustrated after a visit to a neighbouring city outside UAE while using the single entering visa. Add up the time you have to wait for the new visas to be processed.


To ensure that tourist and other visitors in UAE do not undergo any hassle, the government approved multiple entry visas for all nationalities coming to the UAE. The Ministerial decree no. 418 of 212 which reviewed and made provision for this multiple entry visa.

From the decree, a Cruise tourist will be allowed a maximum of 90 days stay on each of their visits for a 3 months multiple entry UAE visa. Also, the decree allows business people and property investors a maximum of 90 days on each visit if you are on a 3 months multiple entry UAE visa.


First, all UAE residence visas are offered as multiple entry visas, and the owners can use it to stay in the UAE for as long as they wish within the validity period of the visas. The holders will, however, lose the validity of the visa if he/she stays outside of the Emirates more than six months at a stretch.

For a perusal of the details and eligibility of residence UAE visas, please check out the details.

The multiple UAE entry visas or permits are necessary, in the first place, for visitors who intend or require longer stay and may also need multiple visits to UAE to give them enough time for whatever they had to do in the country. The visa is valid for 58 days after the first day of its issuance, meaning it becomes invalid after if the holder(s) failed to use them at this time.

For the cost involved in processing the multi-entry visas, Cost list mention below.

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Lastly, once used, you do not have the power to cancel it. Instead, the holder will have to wait until it expires.


These are the compulsory documents required for processing UAE multiple entry visas.

–    Non-refundable visa fee

–    A clean copy of Passport (preferably in colour). It should be valid for at least, six months.

–    Recent Passport photograph

–    Copy of confirmed airline ticket (Required after visa approval)

NB: There may be other supporting documents required depending on the purpose of the visa, the prospective users and so on. Under normal circumstances, the permits are expected to be ready within five working days from the time of submission.

Conclusively, it’s more comfortable to secure the UAE’s multiple entry visas especially if your purpose of visit requires a substantial time or several returns to the country. With this, you would have saved yourself the stress of going through visa processing every time you need to return. This isn’t just the prudent thing to do; it is the right choice.


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