Dubai Visa Cancellation

All foreign residents who want to leave the country permanently have to cancel their Dubai Visa without fail. The visa cancellation procedure cannot be initiated by the expatriate on his/her own; the sponsor has to do this. It is the same as the visa application procedure to be a resident in Dubai. The sponsor, who is normally the employer of the expatriate, initiates the cancellation process, while the expatriate must also be involved in the proceedings.

The visa cancellation process takes around 30 days to process, and once approved, the expatriate has 30 days to leave the country. It is important to understand the entire process because if the expatriate has dependent family members in the UAE, then their visas have to be canceled first. The expatriate must act as their sponsors in such cases.

How to cancel your Dubai Visa

The application process of Dubai Visa cancellation is as follows:

  • It is the sponsor (the employer) of the expatriate who has to apply for the cancellation of the visa.
  • The sponsor applies for the cancellation of the visa with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). The office of GDRFA then starts the process of canceling the expatriate’s visa and work permit (if applicable).
  • All settlements like payment of salary and any leftover dues have to be settled with the employer before the process of visa cancellation is initiated. Once the forms have been signed, the employer will be free of any obligations to pay the expatriate. All the obligations like gratuity, airfare expenses, and other terms that have been previously agreed upon in the contract have to be fulfilled by the employer in advance.
  • The sponsor and expatriate then have to visit the office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRO) with relevant documents. The documents needed include the sponsor’s visa copy and passport, the expatriate’s original passport, Emirate ID, and clearance forms.
  • The fee of Dubai visa cancellation amounts to AED 110 to AED 200 (approximately); the cost depends upon the specific office in which the process is carried out. Normally it is the responsibility of the sponsor to pay for the expenses incurred during the cancellation of the visa.
  • After signing the cancellation application, the sponsor and the employer have to go to GDFRA. Again the same documents have to be carried with; here, the expatriate has to surrender his/her passport and Emirate ID. After having it stamped, the authorities will return these documents. The expatriate must leave the country within the next 30 days after this process is completed.
  • If the expatriate wishes to leave the country permanently, then all loose ends must be tied up. Any pending loan payments have to be made, bank accounts must be closed, tenancy agreements be finalized, and personal properties must be sold off.


Canceling work permit and work visa

The employer of the expatriate must apply for cancellation on the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The required documents for the same are to be attached electronically. Work permit and work contract of the expatriate must also be canceled under such circumstances. To process this application, the employer and the employee must sign and submit a letter stating that all outstanding dues between the parties involved have been settled. It is inadvisable to sign this letter if there is some payment pending by the employer.


Canceling work permit while changing jobs

If the expatriate is not leaving the country and only changing jobs, even in such a case, the work permit must be canceled by the current employer. After the current employer applies for the cancellation of the work permit and the process is completed, the new employer must renew the permit. After the contract of employment with the initial employer ends, the foreign resident must find a new job if he/she wishes to stay in the country.

If the expatriate wishes to change jobs before the contract ends, then he/she must get a No objection certificate (NOC) from the employer. This NOC will transfer the sponsorship of the expatriate from the old employer to the new employer. In case there is some kind of misunderstanding in the contract, and the employer does not issue a NOC, then the foreign resident has the chance of getting an employment ban. Employment bans in the country last anywhere between six months to a year.


Canceling Visa of dependent family members

If the expatriate has dependent family members who are in the UAE through a family visa, then he/she automatically becomes their sponsor. Acting as a sponsor, the expatriate must cancel their residential visas. It is of utmost importance that the dependent family members’ visa is canceled before the expatriate’s Dubai visa cancellation process is initiated by the employer. If the person is only changing jobs and not permanently leaving the country, then the visa of the dependent family members need not be canceled. The family visa cancellation process is similar to the expatriate’s visa cancellation procedure; the only difference is the sponsor initiating the process.


Documents required for Visa Cancellation

Listed below are the documents that are required for the Dubai visa cancellation procedure:

1) Visa Cancellation form signed by the sponsor

2) The expatriate’s original passport

3) The expatriate’s Emirates ID

4) If the expatriate’s employer is his/her sponsor, then the approval from MOHRO and a no-due letter signed by both the employer and the expatriate.


Things to consider before canceling Dubai visa

1) Winding up all obligations with the bank and closing of the bank account.

2) Tenancy contract must be duly ended.

3) If the foreign resident has a car, it must be sold off.

4) It is the responsibility of the expatriate to ensure that he/she receives all the benefits like salary, gratuity payments, commissions, airfare charges, and so on from the employer. This has to be done before the visa cancellation is registered in the office of MOHRO.

5) The visa cancellation procedure has to be finished within 30 days of termination from the job or the expiry of the employment agreement. Either the person can find a new job and renew his/her work permit by transferring sponsorship from the old owner to the new owner or leave the country.

6) The company is responsible for the expatriate even after his/her visa has been canceled until the resident leaves the country.

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