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2 star hotels in dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place where many people go to when they want to have a holiday. People spend a lot of money to travel from different countries to go and relax in this country. There are a lot of enticing features that attracts them. You need to consider a few important factors as you plan to travel.

The major one is where you will spend your time and the guaranteed security of that place. Today we will discuss 2 star hotels in Dubai.

You can be assured that when you spend your time there you will be comfortable.
Most of 2 star hotels in Dubai are located near the trade centers. There are different means of transport that are available to transport guests to the hotels. You can use tax, public transport, shuttle service that is free or airport shuttles. The hotels offer car hire services at an affordable price. There is ample and secure parking space for the guests.

THE ROOMS at 2 star hotels Dubai
The rooms are very attractive, bright and have ample space at an affordable rate. You will get non-smoking rooms. There is a smoking zone in each of the hotels where people go to smoke. This ensures that there is no air pollution. There are double rooms that have fantastic sofa beds and double rooms that are of standard class. You will enjoy shower tub and free toilette. Hair dryers are available in the rooms. There are flat screen connected to the satellite channels. You will enjoy unlimited WIFI access when you are in your room. There is a gym where you can do your exercise. For those who enjoy Sauna and massage services you will not have to go looking for them elsewhere. There are shops inside the hotels; you can do your shopping at your comfort. Elevators are installed to help the guests to get to the rooms.

Special diet and kids meals are prepared for guests who request. Buffet and drinks are available as well. There is a microwave and a fridge that you can use throughout while you are in that place.

They have customer care services that are 24/7. The check-in hours varies from one hotel to another. You will need to be 18 years and have a cash deposit to be allowed in the hotel. The newspapers and other reading materials are available for free at the customer care desks. The staffs will keep your luggage for you when you are away.

You will not need to travel to the hotels to book your reservation. You can do it online on their website.  You will need to check if the rooms are available. Fill in the details on the date then click at availability button. This will give you the information on whether you will get accommodation. When you confirm that it is available you will need to fill room number then you click at ‘book’ button. Their systems are effective; they will send you a confirmation instantly via email. You will need to show the confirmation as you get in the hotel. email us at

When you request them, they babysit your child. Dry cleaning and shoe shine services are offered as well. Suppose you need a daily maid services it will be offered to you at a specified fee.

List of 2 star hotels in Dubai.

  • Rush Inn Hotel stars from AED 195
  • Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport  stars from AED 289
  • Holiday Inn Express Dubai, Internet City stars from AED 299
  • Eureka Hotel stars from AED 189
  • XVA Art Hotel stars from AED 375

Two star hotels in Dubai are the best. They are comfortable and affordable. Do not hesitate to visit them. You will save money and enjoy the comfort. The managers and staffs are always willing to assist the guests.

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