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Kuwait Visa Services from Dubai, UAE

Now its easy to apply for Kuwait Visa from Dubai, UAE – for tourist, business and other visa. Find how to apply, application and requirements details. Every year people across the globe flock in thousands to visit Dubai for various reasons. Some visit for recreation, some for business and some land on the emirate as a stopover destination. Dubai is one of the UAE emirates and is the most sought after place for its modern architectural marvel and a great life style.

Kuwait Visa from Dubai

Kuwait is an adjacent country with UAE and many visiting Dubai like to travel to Kuwait. A visa is required to be procured while visiting Kuwait. Generally visa on arrival is available for certain countries as well as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens.  Nationals of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates and China can enter Kuwait without a visa but needs to have valid passports. Thus Dubai citizens do not require a visa for travelling and staying for a short time in Kuwait.

Visitors who want to explore Kuwait while in transit in Dubai need to procure a visa for entry. For around 52 countries and their territories visa on arrival is available which includes Canada, Georgia. Europe, Bhutan, Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Cambodia, San Marino, Vietnam, Norway, Vatican City, New Zealand, United States, Monaco, Turkey, Malaysia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Swaziland, Laos, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and  Iceland. Visitors travelling by land or sea need to procure a visa before arrival.

Citizens of Croatia, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and Israel are barred from entering Kuwait for safety purposes and inappropriate safety issues in those countries. Rest of the countries need to procure visa before visiting Kuwait.

The following documents are required for visa processing:

  1. A valid passport and its colored photocopy of the first and last two pages.
  2. Two passport sized photographs
  3. Hotel booking documents if any, but is not mandatory
  4. Letter from the sponsor or host company stating the duration and purpose of stay.

Entry into Kuwait is strict and thus it is mandatory to check and carry all the necessary documents for smooth and hassle free visa processing.

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