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Dubai tourist visa validity

Dubai is one of the famous city located in the United Arab Emirates. Basically, Dubai is known for its luxury shopping, ultra modern architecture and lively nightlife scenes, etc. Everyone is having a dream of visit Dubai once in a life. So here are some points which signify the validity of visa or who can apply for a visa for Dubai or any other emirates of UAE.

Basically, two type of visa issued by Dubai government authorities :
1) Visas for visitors
2) Visas for residents

There are so many kinds of visa which will allow you the entry into the UAE but all these visas is based upon some major factor such as nationality of the citizen, what is the purpose of the visit in UAE and its planned duration. Here are some of the important instruction and regulations which are listed below.

You don’t need a visa to visit the UAE only if you are a GCC nationals of the country. Only requirement which you have to fulfill that you need to present your GCC country passport when you will arrive at the entry point of UAE. On the other side, Non-GCC passport holders need to fulfill all VISA formalities while traveling with GCC nationals.

NOTE: Visas can also be issued to escorts of GCC nationals which includes domestic helpers. These type of visas is allowed to renew for a duration of 60 days. Requirements in terms of documents for these visas demands the original passport of the sponsored person along with a valid approval of residency visa.

Who are GCC nationals?
GCC nationals are those entities who are having any professional capacity along with professional status such a Doctor, Chartered accountant, company’s manager, pharmacist or any employee working in public sector of the countries. GCC nationals can sponsor their families, driver or any personal staff and all of them are eligible for the 30days non-renewable visa when they will arrive at the approved ports of the entry.

Tourist Visa Validity: Tourist visa is one of the most vital categories among the visa types. UAE allows so many countries to obtain an individual tourist visa. The tourist Visa authorized their visa holders to stay for a period of 30days but Tourist visa is non-renewable. For acquiring tourist visa, you have to obtain sponsorship of any hotels and tour operators who help the visitors by providing sponsorship to all those mentioned country’s citizen.

Countries which are allowed to obtain tourist visa on arrival are listed below with visa validity:
1) Singapore – 30 days
2) Mexico – 30 days
3) Russia – 30 days
4) All those American nationalities whose names are not defined
5) China and so many other counties also.

Hence all these countries are allowed for the tourist visa by the UAE. We have discussed almost everything about the tourist visa except their requirement of documents.

Document requirement – only two documents are required for the tourist visa which are “ clear passport copy of the sponsor who are helping you by providing sponsorship to you.” And “ travel insurance”.

While considering short term single entry tourist visa then we get to know that this visa is allowed their tourist to stay for not more than 30 days validity and this visa is non-extendable.

Though the issued visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue of such visa.

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