Top 10 Historical Sites to visit in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is known for its own cultural heritage and  thousands years of architecture. Before going to a new country you must search to see what are the best places you should visit. You shouldn’t miss the most important historical places or the most visited and amazing museums, buildings or landscapes.

When you go to UAE you have a lot to such historical places to visit. That’s why we’re helping you and we will suggest you to visit our top 10 historical places in UAE:

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2 star hotels in dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place where many people go to when they want to have a holiday. People spend a lot of money to travel from different countries to go and relax in this country. There are a lot of enticing features that attracts them. You need to consider a few important factors as you plan to travel.

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World Travel Market London Dates 2016

The famous World Travel Market which is alo known as WTM is going to be held in UK this time in 2016. Find the dates, history, overview details. The most awaited annual business event is just around the corner. The World Travel Market is the most sought after event in London which is held every year attracting millions of visitors every year during the month of November.

World Travel Market

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Visa Photo Details

Please make sure photos are as per the specification size as mentioned here which is valid of tourist and residence. Other requirements are mentioned. When attaching a photo for your Dubai visit visa application, make sure that the photograph meets the required specified size of 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms with an all white background. Once the application forms are accomplished attach all the needed documents specified in the given checklist. Double check if all questions are filled up and answered accordingly.

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Standard photo size for Dubai visa

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How to apply for Singapore Visa in Dubai

Are you living in Dubai and wanted to apply for Singapore Visa? Check out how to apply for the application, fees, requirements, and how we can help you. Singapore more famously known as the Red Dot City is the only independent island state city in the world. It is located in Southeast Asia and is one degree above the equator. The island is diamond-shaped comprising of 62 other very small islets.

Singapore Visa From Dubai

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Kuwait Visa Services from Dubai, UAE

Now its easy to apply for Kuwait Visa from Dubai, UAE – for tourist, business and other visa. Find how to apply, application and requirements details. Every year people across the globe flock in thousands to visit Dubai for various reasons. Some visit for recreation, some for business and some land on the emirate as a stopover destination. Dubai is one of the UAE emirates and is the most sought after place for its modern architectural marvel and a great life style.

Kuwait Visa from Dubai

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