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Medical Test Rules for Dubai Visa

People’s health became an important topic in the developed countries, and it is the same case when we’re talking about Dubai. In fact, some rules can lead to a healthier lifestyle for the population and for the local civilians, but what happens when you want to travel to Dubai and you’re not a UAE resident?

Medical test rules for UAE

People who want to obtain a Dubai Visa must run some blood tests, and, in some cases other medical tests. Those medical tests rules for Dubai Visa are meant to find out if the visitors from different parts of the world have major diseases like Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, syphilis or any other diseases that could lead to a major infection for the Dubai population.

It is good to know that the Dubai officials ask that the medical tests must be conducted in state hospitals, and not in the private ones. There is also a rule that doesn’t allow you to come to Dubai with the medical tests made in another country, so you must run test blood or other medical examinations in Dubai.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from one of the above diseases or another one that might be easily spread will have their Dubai Visa cancelled and they will need to travel back to their country. There are also cases when people who have positive results for a disease like HIV, Hepatitis, syphilis or others to receive an immediate treatment in Dubai.

As we said before, the Medical test rules for Dubai Visa are intended for people who want to go to obtain a Dubai Visa, but that’s not all. People who want to renew their Dubai Visa must follow the same procedures as the one who want to get their Visa for the first time.

Even if the officials want to keep a high life standard and a high health level of their population, there are some problems with the Medical test rules for Dubai Visa that they don’t have a good explanation.  People who want to obtain a Multi-entry Visa, Employment Visa, Student Visa and others must pass this medical test, but there are a lot of tourists that might be infected and they don’t have to run a medical test.

About 10 million tourists visit Dubai every year, and all they receive is a flu vaccine and no blood test for a major disease that could spread to the entire population.

As a conclusion, you should know that if you want to obtain a Dubai Visa, you must pass some medical tests that show that you don’t have important diseases like HIV, Hepatitis and others. It is the same thing if you want to renew your Dubai Visa.

When you came to Dubai you should bring your original passport, two photos with the same size with the one from your passport, an health card number from your own country, if you have one, Emirates ID card (valid for people who want to renew their Visa) and the contract or the employment letter if you have it.

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