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Complete Guide to Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Submitting the visa application for the Filipino tourist has become really flexible and easy due to the UAE government and its facilities. At first, the tourist needs to provide a submission at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates for personal filing. Tourists travelling via Etihad Airways or Emirates can submit their visa application to the respective airways as well.

Is appointment needed for UAE tourist visa?

For Filipino tourists, they don’t need to book an appointment to submit their visa. They can directly from the embassy office or even apply online on their website. The tourists are advised to come to the office between 9.00 am to 12.00 pm to apply for the visa. The documents will be collected by the embassy from 2.00 to 3.00 pm.

Things needed for tourist visa application to Dubai

Important documents which need to submit for Dubai visa for Filipino tourists in order to get their visa’s successfully approved by the embassy.

  1. Two copies of fully signed and filled up the visa application form. Answers to all the important questions like residence address in UAE, any sponsor or host, their address. All of these needs to be filled up without fail to get an approved UAE visa.
  2. An original Philippine passport with a validation period of 6 months from the proposed arrival date in the UAE.
  3. A photocopy of the original Philippine passport
  4. Passport size coloured photograph with white background
  5. In case if the tourist is invited by any resident of UAE they need to show the invitation letter which must include the following information’s like the full name, contact number of the host, invitation statement, home address, relationship between the host and applicant, and also an estimated duration of the visit.
  6. In case any of the tourists are invited by an organization, they need to provide the invitation letter which must include- the name of the organization, the invitation statement, contact number and their name, acceptance of responsibility of the person in detail.
  7. In case the tourists have a sponsor or host in UAE, then they need to provide a photocopy of the sponsor’s passport and also the residence permit.
  8. In case any of the tourists are visiting the organization a photocopy of the business license is mandatory

Other important documents required are

  1. In case the application is for an employee then they need to provide a letter from the employer highlighting his or her position in the company
  2. For self-employed people, they need to submit a copy of their business license
  3. Bank statement to prove that the person is financially stable
  4. Finally, a cover letter by the applicant stating the reason of visit or stay in the UAE

The general requirement for the visa application via Etihad Airways, Emirates, or the UAE embassy is almost the same. Certain additional documents are needed while submitting the application via Eithad Airways like-

  1. A confirmed roundtrip ticket
  2. A photocopy of credit card of the applicant
  3. A photocopy of a travel proof or visa
  4. Previous UAE entry and exit stamp if required

Estimated time to get the Tourist Visa

The processing time for the general tourist visa application to the UAE is much faster and easier as compared to the other countries. The applicants at times get their visa within two days of processing as well. However, the time duration depends on situations and circumstances. At times it might take 2 to 7 days as well.

How much does it cost?

The charges for the UAE visa application are different for different situations. Like for a single entry tourist visa for 30 days the charges are between US $110 to US $ 135, whereas a multiple-entry tourist visit it is between USD 275 to USD 599. So the charges depend on many situations and based on those the prices varies.

What If My Tourist Visa Gets Rejected

There might multiple reasons for a visa getting rejected. Like providing wrong information, not submitting the right document and many such reasons might be the cause for a tourist visa getting rejected. So they need to fill-up the form accordingly without making any mistake, provide all the needed documents. Recheck the application form for any mistake before the final submission to avoid any problem like a rejection of tourist visa. In case someone’s visa gets rejected they can resubmit the application with all the correct information and documents.

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