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Abu Dhabi Transit Visa

A transit visa is mostly required when you have intermediate flight stops before the final destination. Abu Dhabi Transit visa might come handy when you pass through Abu Dhabi and have more than four hours waiting time before boarding the transit flight. Many travellers opt to tour Abu dhabi during this sitting time. And moving out of the Abu Dhabi International Airport terminal is allowed only with transit visa. So how do you obtain a transit visa?


Process of Obtaining Abu Dhabi Transit Visa
The process of obtaining Abu dhabi transit visa is quite simple. However in most cases, your airlines arrange transit visas beforehand for you. And if not, following are the steps:

1. If you are a citizen of Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), entering Abu Dhabi requires no visa.

2. If you are a citizen of the below mentioned countries, a transit visa, free of charge is issued on application
UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland,Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

3. For citizens of all other countries must get the requisite transit visa. Some noteworthy points are as given below:
Ÿ For persons boarding Etihad Airlines, the transit visa is issued and obtained easily upon request.
Ÿ For persons not boarding Etihad Airlines, the transit visa must be obtained by contacting Travel agency in UAE. The visa will be delivered by your Travel agent in email inbox. Transit visaa’s are e-visa. This visa is good for travelling and guest can get entry at Arrival Terminal in Abu Dhabi.

Visa Processing Charges:
1. Transit Visa normal processing – AED 300
2. Transit visa Express processing – AED 520

How to Apply For Transit Visa

( Applicable only to citizens in 3. above and for whom airlines does not provide the transit visa )
1. Contact us online by filling for or calling our landline number submit an application for transit visa.
2. Recently online facility has also been introduced. Hence everything including payment could be done online through the Our website.
3. The transit visa so obtained is valid only for 14 days from the date of arrival.
4. For availing a transit visa, one has to have a passport valid for more than 6 months.
5. European Nationals can avail transit visas upto 30 days.
6. Few countries are restricted from obtaining transit visas. These include Tunisia, Iraq, Niger and Yemen.

Cost Of Transit Visas:
Fees for transit visas is highly dependent on busy season or off season. Busy seasons might be costly for transit visas and vice versa for off seasons.
It comes to around AED 500 for a transit visa in busy seasons.
Cancellation charges amount to AED 200.
Refund is allowed only to certain extend of the fees.

Getting a transit visa for Abu Dhabi is generally done by the Travel Agents, Hotels and airlines. However when the Airlines do not provide such facilities it would be wise to contact UAE embassy long before the travel date. Abu Dhabi with its skyscrapers and infrastructure is a tourist destination that obtaining a transit visa to tour the city is worth its value.

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