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Ban Rules for Dubai Visa

What are the Ban Rules in Dubai

Firstly, you should know what ban rules in Dubai means and we’re going to explain to you that and how to avoid ban rules in Dubai because it is very important, so you should try to do everything legal. Otherwise, you might get in trouble and you will be forced to leave the country.

Ban Rules for Dubai Visa

A ban rule in Dubai is actually a legal option that won’t allow people who didn’t respect the labour contract or who didn’t respect rules in Dubai to obtain a new Visa or a Visa renewal.

Types of Ban Rules

The ban types in Dubai are the following ones:

  • One year ban – this is common for workers who quit their job before the ending period;
  • Lifetime ban – when the employee absconds the lifetime ban will be applied;
  • Six month ban;
  • Permanent residency ban – this is applied for serious labour offense that lead to something illegal.


There are some criteria when the six month ban is lifted, but only if there are strong reasons for that action. For example, if a worker goes to another job but it must have the same sponsor as he had for the previous job.

The ban is lifted for Dubai Visa if the person get NOC from previous employer or sponsor. Also professionals like doctors, lawyers, business person etc don’t fall in category of automatic ban which is embossed while changing jobs from one sponsor to another.

If you want to avoid Dubai Visa ban you should try to respect your contract and to make sure that your employer made an extension for your employment contract. It is very important that the employment contract extension is made prior to the expiration date.

If you’ll change your job you must make sure that your new employer will be your sponsor, otherwise you risk to be banned.

There are also some factors and bad behaviors that could lead to an immigration ban. People who broke drinking laws, criminal offence, driving and other rules might get banned even if they entered Dubai with visitors or residency Visa.

In this case, when people who entered with visitors or residency Visa want to get an employment Visa but they were banned before, they won’t be able to obtain it because of their past actions.

People who want to travel to UAE but they are not sure if they have a Dubai visa ban, they need to apply new visa and check. There is no site or online information which confirms ban. Best way to check is apply a tourism visa and check if it gets approved or rejected.

Finally, people who know that they will need to travel multiple times to Dubai they must make sure that they won’t break the law and any employment contract because they might have serious problems in the future. Doing the right things and respecting the law is very important if you want to obtain a new Dubai Visa, even if it’s a Travel Visa or Employment Visa.

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